Occupational Health & Safety

Hearing Protection Fit Testing

In a range of circumstances, the use of earplugs and earmuffs is regarded as an appropriate form of noise protection. Compound Services Australia can test any 3M earplug or earmuff required.

Compound Services Australia performs hearing protection fit testing using the 3MTME-A-RfitTM Dual-Ear Validation System. The 3MTME-A-RfitTMDual-Ear Validation System incorporates a specially designed loudspeaker that accurately presents the test signal and real-time communication between microphones, speakers, and software. Using the dual-element microphones, you can measure the sound level inside and outside the hearing protection simultaneously.

We provide personalised fit testing and training to ensure each user is comfortable administering hearing protection correctly to themselves.

  • Selection of RPE

  • Fitting of RPE

  • Testing of RPE

  • Certified to Wear RPE