Environmental Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment​

The health effects of inadequate mitigating measures in the workplace such as poor ventilation,uncomfortable temperatures, chemical substances, and unpleasant odours can severely affect the health of the workers. Our goal at Compound Services Australia is to provide you with a workplace health and safety assessment to assist our clients on all occupational health risks associated with air quality and comfort in the working environment. 

Our team of trained professionals conduct the following services:

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Assessments that involve:

Building ventilation assessments where HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) surveys are conducted to evaluate the efficiency of HVAC systems. They can also be carried out with the help of advanced robots and drones since some of the places are in accessible or difficult for people to reach thoroughly. They should be performed regularly to identify and resolve faults before they escalate in to expensive problems. Assessment of the HVAC system’s cleanliness and maintenance using advanced robots with thermal cameras and high-resolution images to assess: