Earplug Fit Testing for Hearing Protection

hearing protection fit testing

In industry, safety and health goals are to eliminate all accidents, keep employees working to their potential, and avoid debilitating long-term injuries or loss of life.   Fit testing (measures of attenuation by the hearing protector) with appropriate counselling is at the top of the list to get better-fitted hearing protection, user compliance, and operator error […]

What are the Benefits of Drones in Environmental Monitoring? 

Drone environmental monitoring

Australia has its reasonable share of common air quality issues, and drones are an extraordinary, modern-day means to assist with measurement and control.  Some things probably come to mind when you think of a drone. You might picture the pint-sized device on your child’s Christmas list. You might also imagine drones used to deliver Amazon […]

Role of Drones in Mapping and Surveying

Drone Mapping & Surveying

What’s really human existence without a constant search for evolution? And one such innovation would be drones. Drones Services, whether you’re an experienced surveyor trying to expand your toolkit, a drone enthusiast, or simply interested in new technologies, can really tell you about the beauty of technology.   For centuries of human existence, maps have stood […]

Respiratory fit testing | Overview and Guide

Respiratory fit testing

Working in a hazardous workplace comes with a lot of consequences. But that’s where safety guidelines come in. The safety guidelines by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) require you to wear respirators if you work in a hazardous workplace that involves toxic dust, gases, or other substances. A proper respirator fitting shields the wearer […]

What is Air Quality Monitoring? Why is it helpful?

Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality has been a pressing environmental issue for decades. The quality of the air we breathe affects our health and our quality of life.  Before moving further, we need to understand how air quality is measured. So, air quality is measured in terms of the Air Quality Index (AQI), which has a value of […]

What are the benefits of conducting regular Drug and Alcohol tests in the workplace?  

What are the benefits of conducting regular Drug & Alcohol tests in the workplace

Regular drug and alcohol tests are becoming frequently indispensable in the workplace as the influence of alcohol, and other drug use can endanger health, security, and workplace productivity. Proper employee drug testing improves workplace security as the usage of alcohol, and recreational drugs can result in a risk in the workplace. Plus, drug and alcohol […]

How noise monitoring can be helpful in a workplace?

Noise Monitoring

High noise levels at work may have detrimental effects, including reduced productivity, communication difficulties, hearing impairment, and other health concerns.   To safeguard the health and safety of their employees, employers must conduct occupational noise assessments or noise tests to counteract occupational noise pollution.   Workplace noise conservation and noise control programs must measure noise levels and workers exposure to noise. Noise measurement services enable […]

8 ways to avoid Heat Stress in the Workplace

8 ways to avoid Heat Stress in the Workplace

When working in hot conditions, workers are at greater risk of heat stress—the risk of occupational illness and injury increases when working in extreme temperatures. Heatstroke, exhaustion from heat, and heat cramps or rash are possible symptoms of heat stress. From profuse sweating to dizziness and collapsing, there are many symptoms associated with this condition. Overheating causes […]

7 reasons why fit test training is important in a workplace?

7 reasons why fit test training is important in a workplace

In the workplace, respiratory protection and respirator training plays a critical role as a safeguard against chemicals such as fumes, gases and dust particles. Respiratory Protection Equipment or RPE training are common at work sites, but do they actually provide the protection required?  The Australian Standard AS/NZS1715-2009 requires that workers and supervisors receive fit test training regarding respiratory protective equipment and respirator […]