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We at Compound Services Australia aim to assist our clients to manage workplace health and safety efficiently. We specialise in conducting risk evaluations that help recognising hazards and dangers in the workplace, allowing our clients to put measures in place that prevent harm.

Our projects in the coming years aim to sustain the technological advancement that will lead to creating a better future for the next generation. Our philosophy as environmental scientists and occupational health and safety practitioners, has the goal to build a more sustainable world around us through a business model that wants to achieve important targets for Australia.

Compound Services Australia was founded to fill an existing gap in the market with a focus on providing clients with accurate testing solutions for respiratory and hearing protection equipment. Based in Perth, we provide services such as: PortaCount Quantitative Respiratory Fit Testing, Hearing Protection Fit Testing and Drug & Alcohol Screening test services for clients across all industry sectors. Our team of professionally qualified fit testers and training providers are available to organize and conduct fit tests on-site or in our clinic to ensure a safe working culture.

We are currently approaching the market as pioneers with innovative robotic technology and drone systems for a combined monitoring approach in several industrial and agricultural applications. These assist in production processes, industrial inspections and monitoring, subsequently reducing costs and significantly increasing opportunities.

We are also a retail selling point masks and earplugs which assist in building enduring safety cultures across industries like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, etc.

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