What’s really human existence without a constant search for evolution?

And one such innovation would be drones. Drones Services, whether you’re an experienced surveyor trying to expand your toolkit, a drone enthusiast, or simply interested in new technologies, can really tell you about the beauty of technology.  

For centuries of human existence, maps have stood out with great significance. From the ancient carvings of maps to hands-on surveying to satellites and now drones surveying, the significance of maps, locations, and positioning services since the beginning of civilizations have been incomparable. Now, it’s no surprise that drones have seen exponential growth.   


What is Drone Mapping & Surveying? 

Fun fact: Drones can be as big as an aircraft, on the other hand, as small as your palm. 

And this innovation is no less than a significant commercial asset while also giving you substantial gains in efficiency and security.  

There is no exception in the surveying and mapping sector. This isn’t an ordinary invention. Drones have been successfully devised for surveying operations and land, photogrammetry, 3D mapping, topographic surveying, and so much else, owing to their ability to capture data from above.  

In drone surveys, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) capture aerial data from a downward angle. Because the best drones fly at lower altitudes than manned aircraft or satellite imagery, the collection of high-resolution, high-accuracy data is much faster, cheaper, and independent of weather conditions. 


Drone technology is a big-time boon for surveying and mapping. How? 

Land surveying  

Quite significant, yet so underrated, Drones services can reach places where humans cannot. 

Known as Cartography, survey drones create high-quality models of areas where data is low-quality, old, or non-existent. In fact, you can even witness the exact features such as signs, fences, road markers, fire hydrants, and drainage systems from the photos gathered from the survey.  

Land development and administration 

The information and aerial photos captured by drone services are not just an archive for reference. It holds a great significance in planning and developing the land. Plus, you can go for another round of drone inspection to compare if the progress of land development is on track, making it cost-effective too. 

Utmost accuracy in measurements 

You can never go wrong with the calculations and accuracy, thanks to drone technology! 

Using high-definition orthophotos, inspectors can conduct highly accurate distance and surface measurements. 

Town planning and urban development  

With the growing population and crowded metropolitan regions, proper town planning is as important as music is for mid-week blues. The aerial technology, with the help of up-to-date data, facilitate the urban planners to assess the existing socio-economic and ecological characteristics of the area as well as consider the impact of various scenarios. 


How accurate is a drone survey? 

The construction businesses can use drones to get an aerial view and capture images for further development, but their scepticism makes them give up on a big opportunity.  

However, with utmost accuracy, drones collect photos and videos on-site but store them in raw data forms. But to collect and quality check the information, you still need an expert. 

Drones play an essential role in improving construction site safety 

The unwanted mishaps and untold agony of construction workers are no more hidden from us. Things you do for development!  

Because construction sites are full of heavy machinery and hazardous working conditions, safety is always a matter of anxiety. On the brighter side, with technological improvements, construction workers can now work in safer environments, and construction sites can be monitored more efficiently. Discovered and developed out of curiosity, this technology captures a big part of the construction industry.  

The aerial technology can help a construction unit acquire real-time data, making it easier to track the progress and prevent injuries by detecting dangerous areas. 

Apart from this, a drone can be beneficial to a construction worker in so many ways, including: 

       A gadget to improve surveillance and monitor an area. Sounds like perfection! 

A little about Compound Services’ contribution to Drone Mapping & Surveying: 

In the field of civil construction, mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, water, and groundwater, indoor and outdoor drone mapping stand out as a strong pillar. With the best drones in the market, Compound Services is here to simplify all the complications associated with drones surveying and acquiring data on a particular site. 

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