Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality has been a pressing environmental issue for decades. The quality of the air we breathe affects our health and our quality of life. 

Before moving further, we need to understand how air quality is measured. So, air quality is measured in terms of the Air Quality Index (AQI), which has a value of 0-500. Higher values indicate a greater risk to human health due to local sources like factories, traffic, and other human activities. The AQI informs the public and provides recommendations to improve air quality. For example, the AQI for a polluted city may range between 100- 200, which means the air is slightly polluted and may cause minor health issues, such as a cough or throat irritation. The quality of the air we breathe affects our lives and our livelihoods. Improving the quality of the air we breathe has been a goal for those living in WA. It relies heavily on air quality testing services to stay healthy and make informed decisions about the air quality in its immediate atmosphere. Our goal at Compound Services Australia is to provide you with a workplace health and safety assessment to assist our clients with all occupational health risks associated with air quality in the working environment.  

Benefits of Air Quality Monitoring  

Air quality monitoring has helped identify problems and improve air quality in many states across the country. For better understanding, Let’s take two different areas:  

Why would the first area have poorer air quality than the second? This is because the first area has a low air exchange rate, allowing pollutants to accumulate. In contrast, the second area has a high air exchange rate, which prevents contaminants from getting into that area.  

Air monitoring is especially important in areas that experience high pollution levels and help identify issues and solve them before they become severe. Clean air plays a vital role in our health. It improves our overall health and protects us from lung infection, heat stroke, asthma, and respiratory diseases. 

Air Monitoring Perth is one of the best services provided by us. We offer various services, such as providing advice and identifying problems about the air quality in the state. The services offered by compound services consultants depend on the needs of their community and their experience monitoring air quality.  

Why are air quality testing services essential?  

Air quality plays a vital role in determining human health and other living beings; hence air quality testing is important to monitor indoor & outdoor air quality.  One of the most common air quality tests is Indoor & Outdoor air quality assessment. It can be done with various technologies, including sensors that can detect pollution in the air and can be tailored to the level of accuracy needed. An outdoor air quality monitor is equally important as an indoor quality monitor to breathe in a healthier environment. Most of the time, we accumulate dust and harmful chemicals from outside. Hence, the outdoor quality monitor also plays a vital role in determining the air quality index.   

Signs that your workplaces need air monitoring  

If you are experiencing a sign like nausea, headache and physical discomfort at your workspace, it indicates bad air quality at your workspace. Indoor air quality monitors are essential for employees’ health and safety. Invisible pollutants such as carbon monoxide, traffic toxic fumes and other harmful chemicals may cause health problems and lower organizational productivity. Unhealthy workspaces can result in discomfort and stress for you and your employees. Major factors affecting the productivity of the workspaces like:  

   Our team of experts conduct the Indoor Air Quality Assessments to monitor air quality at your workspaces involving:  

Detecting an Indoor air quality monitor is not possible with naked eyes. Our air quality consultants ensure that your employees’ health is not affected.. Clean air is what we all want. That’s why Air Monitoring is essential for both indoor and outdoor because quality air leads to a healthy and long-living life. We as citizens are responsible for minimising a thing causing air pollution. It not only affects our lives but also our environment. 

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