What are the benefits of conducting regular Drug & Alcohol tests in the workplace

Regular drug and alcohol tests are becoming frequently indispensable in the workplace as the influence of alcohol, and other drug use can endanger health, security, and workplace productivity. Proper employee drug testing improves workplace security as the usage of alcohol, and recreational drugs can result in a risk in the workplace. Plus, drug and alcohol tests are a legal obligation in a few industries.  

Alcohol use and dangerous consumption of drugs can have plenty of severe consequences in workplaces if employee drug testing is not conducted. Those involve:  

An unsafe workplace with hazards and mishaps can result in harm and or death in the absence of drug testing, especially in jobs comprising using giant machines or driving vehicles.  

The consequences of alcohol without drug screening tests can affect a person’s behaviour; For example, a person under the influence of alcohol may work unprofessionally with customers. Also, co-workers may be resentful for defending others under the influence of alcohol or the after-effects of alcohol.  

There will be decreased workplace productivity because of regular absenteeism and reduced quality and quantity of work because of poor judgment and interruption to operations.  

Organisations with increased alcohol-related load may have to pay more than their responsibilities leading to higher expenses. 

Without proper drug testing, organisations lack professionalism and the related costs of the replacement and coaching of new workers increases.  

Most organisations have orders banning the use of alcohol or performance while under the impact of unlawful substances, including medicines that may weaken the judgment or capacity to perform the regular job responsibilities, which involves using banned drugs.  

A typical workplace’s drug and alcohol policy with proper drug testing or drug screening tests may examine workers for drug usage, why tests are essential, and any policies concerning drug and alcohol usage, misuse, identification, medication etc. 

How can you identify drug-influenced behaviour?  

Regular sick leave, particularly after the weekend.  

Recurring workplace disasters and hazards.  


Regular calls for a pay increase.  

Evident behavioural differences.  

Long or unexplained breaks while working.  

Presence of drug-taking material in the work premises.  

Persistent mood swings.  

Sniffling nose, red, runny eyes may not be from allergies but illness because of drug abuse.  

Long sleeves in hot weather.  

An employee under the influence of drug or alcohol abuse might overreact to even little things.  

Significant advantages of drug and alcohol testing  

Drug and alcohol tests are no longer an unusual occurrence. Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policies are not mandatory across all industries; however, more businesses are becoming proactive, guarding their employees and business by choosing drug and alcohol testing for their workplace.  

Here are some benefits for companies to have Drug test Australia Policies and select workplace drug and alcohol testing.  

Workers’ Security: Workers in a company should have the right to a safe work environment. When someone has a substance abuse problem, they are more likely to induce a mishap. It is a similar reason why laws preventing driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are in place.  

Improved Productivity: Those who do not have a substance abuse problem are usually more productive and provide a greater degree of work. By conducting a drug-testing program, those that do have a substance abuse problem can reduce it.  

Lesser health insurance expenses: Workers with drug and alcohol abuse problems are more prone to health concerns (primarily associated with workplace mishaps). The more cases happen, the more expensive your premiums are. Reducing the number of issues can reduce the cost of coverage. Drug and alcohol screening can help recognise drug abusers in the workplace and facilitate employers to take appropriate steps.  

Decreased Workers’ absenteeism: Workplace drug and alcohol screening programs favourably lessen absenteeism within the workplace. It is a known fact that drug or alcohol-related sick leaves are costly to a business.  

Lesser Accidents: There must be a post-accident drug and alcohol test at the time of an accident, wasting no time. If the inspection is positive and by a certified laboratory, the Business Owner can take quick action.  

The types of drugs and alcohol testing available  

Compound Services Australia is here to assist businesses in selecting, implementing and managing instant drug and alcohol test plans that satisfy organisational purposes, onsite amenities and business essentials.  

Saliva drug test  

Our highly-qualified collectors can visually interpret the results of Oral fluid-based discrete tests within minutes.  

Urine drug test  

Drugs can continue to be detectable in urine for weeks after the intake. Compound Services Perth handles urine drug tests of the tested people assuring their privacy, specimen honesty and detailed report.  

Alcohol-Drug breath test  

Our team at Compound Services utilises hand-held Type-2 electronic equipment to conduct breath alcohol and drug testing. If the test turns out to be positive, we run a second test after 20 minutes to affirm a legally-defensible analysis.  

Why are Drug Tests at work necessary?  

With Compound services in Australia, it’s fast and straightforward to conduct drug and alcohol testing with drug test services for the workers or employees. Certified health experts offer our practical and non-disruptive organisation tests to Australian Rules.  

You can choose from onsite, on-call or clinic examining drug test services. The services incorporate urinary or oral fluid lab testing, breath alcohol and urine testing equipment for immediate drug testing.  

Experience the benefit of booking and inspecting outcomes with Compound Services‘ help. By ensuring successful workplace drug testing, you can develop certain working conditions and decrease substance abuse’s influence on work production. 

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